What’s With All This Paperwork – #AskTonyB 103
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Published on January 21, 2019

What’s With All This Paperwork – #AskTonyB 103

Welcome to the #AskTonyB Show – Your Mortgage Questions Answered!

Each week we will be talking all things home buying and lending. On this episode of the #AskTonyB Show we answer the question…“What’s With All This Paperwork?”

What’s With All This Paperwork?

When getting pre-approved gathering all your paperwork may feel like the worst part of the process. We get it and we want to help make it easier for you.

Here’s the paperwork your lender is going to need to get your file started:

2 Years Tax Returns

2 Years W-2s or 1099s if you’re self-employed

2 Months Bank Statements

2 Months Pay Stubs

Once you’ve submitted these documents we can start reviewing the file and get you on your way to finding your new home. There will be more paperwork as we go through the process…but this helps get your lender organized.

So…how can we make this process easier so you’re not going back and forth with your lender trying to get pre-approved?

One thing we see a lot is bank statements with pages missing. If you have blank pages on your bank statements be sure to turn those in too. That way you won’t have to submit them again when your lender reviews the file. This goes for tax returns as well. Be sure to turn it all in and let your lender decide what is needed. This saves you from having to submit things a second time.

If you’re thinking about buying a home…but not sure what you can afford please reach out. I’d love to meet with you and answer your questions or help you get pre-approved.

See you next week on the #AskTonyB Show!