What’s It Like Moving to Spokane? With Krystle and Mike Atkins
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Published on January 23, 2020
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What’s It Like Moving to Spokane? With Krystle and Mike Atkins

What areas are people moving from?

Seattle, Portland and California. A lot of people are moving from the bigger areas to try to get away from the fast pace but also the first time home buyer in the larger area is looking at around $350,000 to $400,000 and it is much less in this area. 


Cost of living and congestion play a big part in people’s reasons to move here. 

Here in Spokane you can literally get to most anywhere in about 20 minutes and the larger areas it might take you 20 minutes just to get to a gas station with all of the traffic. It has a lot to offer. It has a lot of trails, hunting, fishing and lakes within a very short drive. But one of the biggest reasons it is so great over here are the people. The friendliness and openness of the people make this area so great.


For people who are selling their homes; where do people look for homes to buy?

The major websites pick up from the MLS, so if you don’t have your home listed through a realtor then people from out of the area will not be able to see your home. A lot of these people are willing to pay a little bit more?


As a Seller, should I request that my home be listed in the major websites or Facebook?

Yes, and if they are not then they are doing you a disservice.


What is the difference in the process from someone that is moving outside the area to a local move?

In town buyers are familiar with neighborhoods and out of town buyers may not be and with the HUD laws we can’t say certain things about neighborhoods. So, we do encourage people to reach out to friends or family that they might have in the area to talk about the area that they are interested in. They also need to have different expectations, but we like to do Facetime tours to show them around the house and the neighborhood. We can also send them a RPR Report. It talks about crime, schools, etc. When you are working with an out of town buyer it is very important to show them the peeling paint or a crack in the wall that you and I standing there would see, but they need to see that as well. So, showing the details are important. 


Are there places online that people can go look for things like schools and neighborhoods?

Trulia or in the Inlander or just having a good conversation with your realtor. Walk score is a very good resource. Savvy Homes is a new resource that we are just trying out.


What are some tips you would give people moving to Spokane from out of town?

Have accountability, do your own research and communicate with your realtor. If you don’t like something tell them and they will show you something different. It isn’t going to hurt their feelings. Tell them 5 things that you want and 5 things that you don’t want.


As a Seller, what are some of the things that they should be aware of selling to an out of town buyer?

It really isn’t any different. You don’t meet the buyers usually so just listing it properly really helps. But the only suggestion that we may have is to look at all of the contingencies on the contract to make sure you understand them.


What is the real estate market like here in Spokane and surrounding areas?

It is great versus over in the Seattle area. We have more houses to sell here then they do over there. 


What is your favorite place to eat or drink in Spokane?

They like Chipotle, but they do have a local favorite as well. Mike really likes “The Yards ” in Kendall Yards; it has an awesome chicken and waffle breakfast. Krystle likes “Elliotts an Urban Kitchen” which is a farm to table restaurant and the LK bar in downtown Spokane.

You can find Mike & Krystle Atkins online at www.awesomespokane.com or call (509) 720-8410


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