5 Home Search Options That Aren’t Zillow
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Published on May 14, 2017

5 Home Search Options That Aren’t Zillow

Home Search Strategies

There are a lot of different parts of the home search process. Most people spend a lot of time searching for homes before making the actual decision to buy one. They spend a lot of time online cruising through Zillow online or on their app.

Zillow has become the premier name in real estate, much like Starbucks has done with coffee. More people are now searching the word “Zillow” than they are “Real Estate”

Zillow can be a great place to start the process and see a lot of homes. However, you may find that some of the houses are unavailable when you follow up on them with a Realtor. This is happening more and more often with the speed of the market. Zillow is the most comprehensive search tool but users can get frustrated with the out of date information.

To get the most accurate information you should always contact a Realtor in your area. However, if you are just kicking the tires on a home search here is a list of options to look at homes on and offline.


There are a few different places to find homes in Facebook. The best place will be in local buy and sell groups. There are probably several in your area that are specific to real estate and homes for sale in certain areas of your town. Spokane has a great group for potential home buyers called Spokane Area Homes for Sale or Rent. Not only do Realtors post their listings in these groups but they are often available to answer questions you may have.

You can also use the search bar in Facebook to find homes for sale or some of the Realtor and real estate specific pages for your community. You will also probably see sponsored posts about homes for sale or homes searches in your feed as you scroll through.



The real value for Craigslist will be the appearance of more for sale by owner homes that may not be appearing on the MLS. Some of these homes may not show up in your Zillow or Google search. Craigslist seems to be a forgotten asset. However, a lot of Realtors will post their listings in Craigslist.


Realtor.com is similar to Zillow. However, it will be more accurate due to its affiliation with the National Association of Realtors. The accuracy comes from the constant updates it runs with your loan MLS. Another option would be Trulia . There are other real estate search engines, Not all of them are available in Spokane at this point, All seem to have both advantages and disadvantages.

Open Houses

Nothing will ever replace actually being in a home and seeing what it really looks like. You can find open houses online in Spokane at SpokaneOpen.com, You will also see signs as you drive around on the weekend advertising open houses all over town.


Real Estate Websites

Most Realtors and all Real Estate Brokerages have their own website that will have a home search tool for your use. The good websites have a direct feed from the local MLS. This will have accurate and up to date information on the homes for sale.

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