Where should you eat in Spokane? | Asking For a Friend Episode 112

Ever wonder where you should eat in Spokane? This week on Asking for a friend we are taking a break from the interviews because its spring break. Instead we are going to highlight the restaurants in the Spokane area our guests have mentioned in their interviews.

If you are searching for a place to eat this video will be will worth your time.

Mike Cole talked about always having a great time having a drink and dancing out at Curley’s on the State Line

Matt Battin loves the philly cheese steak at Cascadia Public House and Tortilla Union’s Shrimp Tacos

Shael Larson is a sushi guy and had a great meal at Ginger

Peter Hagen loves the feel of Durkin’s Liquor Bar  and highly recommends the Burger with Bacon

Nick Portrey had a great time on St. Patty’s day at The North Hill on Garland

Julie Kuhlmann likes the Craft & Gather Bacon Popcorn she is on a mission to perfect her own version.

Alana Madrano goes to The Petit Chat Bakery  for the coffee and stays for the Quiche

Jon Walker loves the atmosphere at McClain’s Pizzeria  and says the Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bread is a must order

Mercedes Leahy The Wandering Table and talked about The Old Fashioned

If the topic of home buying comes up while you are enjoying one of these meals CLICK HERE to get pre-approved


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