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5 VA Home Loan Myths Exposed

Nearly 9 Out of 10 Veterans Fail To Take Advantage Of This “Hidden” Benefit: 5 Myths Exposed About VA Home Loans It’s an unfortunately little-known fact: The VA home loan program is designed to give those who have served in the U.S. armed forces a well-earned leg up on the American dream of homeownership. In […]

The 10 Home Buying Commandments

The 10 Home Buying Commandments   Once you get your offer accepted in most cases the loan process is really just getting started. Your lender will be ordering the appraisal and preparing your loan for underwriting. Your loan officer is using the information you provided them during the loan application. Your income, credit, and assets […]

Home Buyer Stress: How To Handle It

I am not sure “home buyer stress” is an actual medical condition, but it does seem to affect a lot of people going through the process of buying a home. In reality, you could be in a constant state of stress and worry for the entire home buying process. That isn’t necessary. Here are some […]