Asking For A Friend Episode 111 | How do you Invest in Real Estate (Nick Portrey)

How do you invest in real Estate, Realtor Real Estate, Spokane Rental Properties, Flipping Houses

Each week on #AskingForAFriend I interview a Spokane Realtor on a topic that would matter to people who are thinking about buying and selling homes. This week’s guest in Nick Portrey from 4 Degrees Real Estate.

🏡 The Topic: How do you invest in Real Estate? 🏡

We discuss….

❓What are the different ways you can invest in real estate?

❓ What is Active vs. Passive Investing?

❓What are the risks involved in flipping homes?

❓How are investors handling a somewhat overpriced market?

❓ How do you finance a house flipping project?

❓ What are the risks involved in buying and owning rental properties?

❓ If you have a rental property should the main goal be just getting your mortgage covered?

❓ What are things first time investors need to think about before getting started?

✅ Using BiggerPockets and to meet local investors and learn more.

❓Is now a good time to start investing?

✅ The BRRRR Strategy of investing ❄

🍺🍽And The North Hill Restaurant

If you are thinking about getting into real estate investing and have questions about financing, CLICK HERE


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