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VA Appraisals: Everything You Need To Know

VA Appraisals: Everything You Need To Know  In the real estate world, VA appraisals have a bad reputation. The majority of these ideas are based on misconceptions about the VA Loan.   The appraisal will look at two things when it comes to the property you’re buying. Appraisals are performed primarily for the lender to ensure […]

VA Loan

What Sellers Should Consider When Receiving a VA Loan Offer There are advantages to being a VA buyer in a Low Inventory Market… You have probably heard we are in a sellers’ market. The type of market is dictated by housing supply numbers. In Spokane, Washington there is less than one month’s supply of homes […]


Our VA Loan FAQ tackles the most common questions we get regarding using the VA Loan to purchase a home. What do you need to prove your military service? To prove your service and eligibility for a VA Loan you will be required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility. Here is the information you may […]

The VA Appraisal: What You Need To Know

There are several myths surrounding VA appraisals. These myths create fear in a seller’s mind and prevent Offers with VA Loans attached from being accepted. One of the biggest myths is that a VA Appraisal is always at risk of coming in below value and costing the seller money. While there is a separate certification […]