August Spokane Real Estate News
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Published on August 13, 2018
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August Spokane Real Estate News

Spokane Real Estate News (August 2018)

Spokane is an incredible city with a thriving real estate market. Each month I will share the best Spokane Real Estate News Articles I see on the internet.


When a House Is So Much More! 

This article written by Jen A. Miller appeared in the New York Times on August 3rd. It talks about the emotions involved in selling your home.

“When the process is extremely stressful — if the house isn’t selling, or offers are coming in well below what the sellers feel the house is worth — leaning on a broker can help, said Mrs. Vredevoogd Combs.”


This article written by Brian Carberry appeared on the Apartment Guide Blog on August 3rd, 2018 It ranks the cities with the greatest increase in rent amount. Spokane came in at 3rd on this list due to low vacancy rates.

Who’s Moving to Spokane?

This article appeared on One of my favorite blogs about Spokane. It discusses where people relocating from when they move to Spokane. “It appears the going local hypothesis about tech refugees relocating from west coast cities is proving itself correct. Manageable traffic, affordable homes, and plenty of urban amenities is a product that sure sounds nice when migrating from the top four metros on the above list.” If you are one of those considering a move You can click here to APPLY ONLINE


Growing Spokane, Washington, sheds its sleepy city image

This article was written by 

Housing market gone bonkers leads to leaps in Spokane County assessments

This article was written by Nick Deshais of the Spokesman-Review. It discussed the increase in home values in Spokane in the past 12 months. It is a fascinating break down of the increases in home values across all Spokane neighborhoods and the higher mortgage payments that come along with increased property taxes.



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