Asking For A Friend Episode 114 | What Is On A Real Estate Contract with Ken Sax
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Published on May 1, 2019
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Asking For A Friend Episode 114 | What Is On A Real Estate Contract with Ken Sax

This weeks Episode of Asking For A Friend Features Ken Sax of the Group at Keller WIlliams in Spokane. We are talking about the real estate contract.

I wanted Ken on the show because he teaches the class on the Purchase and Sale Agreement to Realtors®.

This episode will be valuable to all of those who are thinking about buying or selling real estate.


We discussed…

❓Are offers really being submitted with incomplete paperwork?
❓What are some of the incomplete items?
✔ At the end of the day the seller want to know the buyer can actually buy the house.
✔ We talked about how Realtors have gotten away from communicating with each other and the importance of understanding the sellers motivation for selling.
❓How would a buyer know if a contract is incomplete?
❓What are the important timeline established by the contract?
✔ The Importance of mutual acceptance and how timelines are established
❓Are there out clauses in the contract for buyers and sellers?
❓Why would a seller want out of a signed contract?
✅ The importance of depositing your earnest money on time.
❓Is it wise to shorten the inspection period?
❓Do the sellers have paperwork they can mess up?
✅ The importance of the sellers disclosure
❓What parts of the contract can lead to trouble for buyers and sellers legally and other wise.
😳 Why and How a house can be sold to 2 buyers and the same time. It happens…
❌ The difference between termination and rescission
❓ Can you get your earnest money back if you back out of a contract as a buyer?
❓How does the financing contingency affect earnest money?
🌮🌯 His love for tacos at Deleon’s Taco and Bar. When you go order the taco sampler with a cactus and pork belly taco.

If you want to get in touch with Ken you can reach him on his website or email

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