Asking For a Friend Episode 113 | Mike Boblett
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Published on April 17, 2019
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Asking For a Friend Episode 113 | Mike Boblett

An Interview with Mike Boblett where we discuss the differences between the Spokane Real Estate Market and other Markets around the country.

Each week we will introduce you to Spokane area Realtors and experts with inside tips and tricks to buy and sell your home as quickly and easily as possible. If you’re looking to buy or sell and not sure who to work with come here first to find the best fit for you.

This week’s guest is Mike Boblett from John L. Scott. I wanted to have him on the show as he recently moved to Spokane. I thought it would be interesting to chat about some of the things that are different in the Spokane Market compared to where he came from in Arizona.

In our interview…

☑ Mike talked about his initial impressions of Spokane.

☑ We discussed the pace of the market in Spokane and whether the size of a city affects the market?

☑ We talked about the biggest advantage a seller has in this market which is control of the process.

☑ He gave some great advice on how buyers can thrive in a seller’s market.

☑ He answered the question can a buyer still get a deal in this market?

☑One thing that stood out to me was the fact that he said real estate is the same for the most part where ever you go. You will need to get pre-approved and make a solid offer no matter what market you buy or sell real estate in.

☑We talked about some of the items that buyers and sellers have to consider here that they didn’t in Arizona like Radon Testing and Oil heat.

🍽 Being new to Spokane he was aware of one of my favorite Foodie hacks in Spokane. Eating in the bar downstairs at Churchill’s
If you have questions for Mike about Real Estate you can find him at
💻 MikeBSellin
📲 Or call him at 509.899.8475
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